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Cuisine for Men Cooking on a First Date

It's well documented in the big book of dating that women like it when a man cooks for them. On a first date, this can be just what the doctor ordered. You really don't want to go too just to dinner and a movie.

At the movies there is no time to get to know each other and everybody does the dinner out thing.Cooking for your date not only shows that you are not a Neanderthal, but gives you time to talk and get to know each other in a relaxed environment. No interruptions, no yelling over crowds and the best of all there is no artificial end time.But here is the rub.

What if you can't cook? I don't mean there is any man out there that can't fry up a burger or some other red meat product. I'm talking about presentation with candles, color and something edible. Something you see on a cover of a magazine.

Not the back of a tailgate at the Super bowl.This is actually easier then it sounds. Keep it simple.

You don't to be a Cordon Bleu chef to put on a good show. Pasta is always a winner. There are many kinds of easy to do sauces you can make along with a large piece of Italian bread.

You can use the angel hair pasta for something a little different. Watch the garlic though, this is a date and you never know how the night could end.A good presentation meal is lobster. Easy to make and makes a very pleasing presentation. Coupled with asparagus or an artichoke, you have an exotic meal without much work. Just make sure sometime before you decide on the meal to make sure she likes seafood.

Nothing will kill the date faster then your guest not being able to eat. You want the food to be the entertainment not an obstacle.There are so many books for the beginner chef. Find the one that has easy to prepare dishes that explain what goes with them.

Not just what veggie to serve but a good wine. Not all wines go with every meal.Spend some time; look around the internet for these things. Do some homework.

This is a very worth while exercise. I think you and your date will find this experience more enjoyable then just dinner and a movie. Try something new.

I think you will be very surprised and the results.

.Richard Amburn is the staff writer for http://www.

thegrandcuisine.com, a wonderful resource on the subject of cuisine. Be sure to visit http://www.thegrandcuisine.

com for more information on cuisine!.

By: Richard Amburn


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