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Get Marvellous Coffee Mixtures

During the 1930's physicists began to find a plethora of atomic particles. There were all types of new and exciting things that were discovered. Enrico Fermi, a famous physicist made a comment about if he had wanted to know about all of these fresh new ions, that he would have been a botanist.

Later on Fermi would be the one to create atomic bombs. However, the point is well taken and this is how I feel about coffee. While it is a great drink to have, do we really need all of these different names? Names like Frappe, in which the e is silent. This coffee is very popular in Europe and Latin America. It is a cold espresso that is created with two teaspoons of sugar and milk and a number of ice cubes that are crushed.

A quarter cup of brandy and crme de cacao to give it a little kick. It is generally served with a straw, making it a little bit of a noisy drink to have. The partner in crime of the Frappe is the Cappuccino Borgia. This drink gets its name from Lucrenzia Borgia, the infamous woman that was known for poisoning people.

It has 1/2 cup chocolate ice cream and a 1/4 cup peeled orange, this is quite a treat. Put six teaspoons of orange juice and a quarter cup of milk into an espresso and blend. You will soon come to realize why this drink is named after a woman that poisoned people. Back in the 21st century we take a trip to the Caribbean for a Calypso Cooler. This is a cup of chilled super strong coffee with a few ripe bananas and a couple of cups of coffee ice cream.

Throw in 4 tablespoons of rum and find yourself in heaven. The Caffee Zabaglone makes the most of alcohol. Start off with a quarter cup of dry Marsala and add in a cup of sugar.

Toss in a bit of salt and four egg yolks. Whisk this concoction until it is thick. Next put in a cup of Italian roast at room temperature.

This can be a cure all or a kill all. New Orleans is home to a double strength American roast, with a 1/2 cup of heavy cream, eggnog and bourbon. This drink is called the Mardi Gras. Original Turkish coffee is known for its strong tastes and a flavor mixed with cardamom. However, they are not alone in finding great sues for this spice. Cardamon Kaffee is a Scandinavian treat.

It begins with an eighth-cup of cognac and two teaspoons of curaccao. Add in a teaspoon of sugar and a cardamom pod that is cracked and seeded. Warm it in the microwave for ten seconds and then strike a match and hold the flame to it. Add in half a cup of extra strength coffee and prepare yourself for a smoking experience. Even though the names can be confusing, the effort of the creators should be recognized.

All of the mixtures and names probably took a good deal to work out. Not to mention, all of these drinks are sure to keep you awake.

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