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How to start the best wine club

If you ever wanted to meet wine lovers just like yourself, you need to start a wine club. A little initial organization here can pay off dividends for years to come. Not to mention the great people you will meet who love wine just as much as you. Even doctors recommend drinking a glass of wine a day because it is actually good for your health. It greatly reduces risks of getting a major heart disease.

The best thing about wine is that it fits all price ranges. I can't tell you how many times I've bought wine just because I didn't have enough money for a 6 pack of beer. With the popularity of wine on the increase, it won't be hard to begin your own wine club. The main idea is to find other people who are also same love for wine like you and set a time and day that you can get all together on a regular basis - usually once a month. So now that you want to start your own wine club, the first thing is to find someone who truly likes being somewhat of the 'leader'.

This individual must be the best when it comes to organization and things of that nature. Now I understand that you want your group to be the largest almost from the beginning, but just like every thing good, you have to work your way up. I suggest you start off with a handful of people. If you can do it well with a small group of people, you'll learn how to manager a much larger group. So do you want to know how you will get to drink new delicious wines every 30 days.

The information can be found everywhere, including on the internet, wine magazines and don't forget your local wine or wine making shop. So after the wine, get some wine glasses for your club members. They are cheap and as a leader, they will truly make you stand out. After all, when you start something good, start it right! So it's your first meeting, what should you talk about? Start off with the basics, and work your way around.

Talk about wine making 101 first. Everyone loves to learn about the things from the bottom because they understand it more and it helps everyone out. So talking about grapes and yeast and stuff like that would be a great starter.

Make your meeting more fun by creating different wine games. One of the most popular things to do in a wine club is to try the wine and than individually give it a rating from a scale of 1 to 10. I guess you can call it playing wine games.

It's a natural process for human beings to gather in groups and discuss subjects of interest. There is so much to learn about wines that your club will never be at a loss about what to discuss and learn. Enjoy!.

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