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I found Water in Atlanta

In case you haven't heard, we're having a drought here in Georgia. If you don't know what a drought is, I'll tell you, it means we are getting little or no rain, which in turn means no water for crops, yards, animals, or pure drinking water for people. Up until a few weeks ago our water supply at the Lake Lanier Resevoir was down to three months use, and things were looking pretty dry. Fortunately we have had some rain over the past few weeks, and things are looking a little better. We have also had some severe weather and if you go into Atlanta you can still see some of the mess that was left when it was visited by a tornado towards the beginning of March. My husband and I have lived in the Atlanta area for over twenty years, and almost half of them have been drought years.

As more and more people move into the Atlanta area more homes have to be built, and that means more and more water is being used, while supplies are diminishing due to the many years of drought. Not only do we need more water for drinking and bathing, but new houses mean new yards, and new yards need lots of water to get started. New houses also mean foundations, and driveways made from cement and concrete which require water to make. All this means less pure drinking water. This year my husband and I joined a company that is dedicated to helping people and they are continually adding to their product line.

Now they have partnered with a manufacturer that has come up with a product that turns air into water. That's right, the air goes in, and water comes out. The systems don't just turn air into water, they turn air into lots of water. They have systems that can produce enough water to fill a swimming pool, or water a lawn. When they gets all the paper work done on the partnership they will be making the product available to its members, and shortly after that it will be available for retail sales.

They will have different size models for different needs. They will be offering an inhome model, an office model, and a large volumn model (this is the one that can fill a swimming pool). You will be able to get an inhome model that will produce enough water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and everything else you want to use it for. There will be an office model which will supply water for your entire work force. I can hardly wait for them, to start offering it to their membership.

It would be nice not to worry about not having pure drinking water. We haven't washed our car for almost two years (although I'm not sure if it really bothers my husband that he hasn't been able to wash the car). Up until this year we were able to have a small garden, but if it hadn't started raining I don't think we would have been allowed to water a garden this year. We also have a small fish pond, and we were thinking we might have to send our fish up north to visit my husbands family. They also have a fish pond, but they are getting plenty of rain. Another benefit of the water from air is that we won't have to worry about salmonella or other bacteria.

The process is eco friendly, and produces pure drinking water. Like most people we have been buying purified water, or distilled water to drink. Not only is it an added expense, but purified water and distilled water have a tendency to be acidic, and we all know that isn't good. I have read studies by doctors that show that purified water or distilled water is good for short term use as they will pull toxins and poisons out of our bodies, but over long periods of time they cause the acidity level of our bodies to increase. The higher the acidity the more physical problems we will have.

One of the effects of constantly drinking purified water is acne. I can say from personal experience that is true. I thought acne was a teenage problem, but over the past year I have started having problems with acne, and I'm no teenager.

My husband and I hope they make the air to water systems available soon. I'll let you know if it helps the acne go away. An acne break out is kind of like seeing a cockroach in your house, you know there are probably several more you can't see.

If there is acne showing up on the outside, there are probably some bad things starting on the inside. I guess I will have to find a source of alkaline-ionized water to drink until they have the air to water systems available.

If you want to know more about water to air, or if you would like to read more of my articles you can go to http://www.theremnantbox.com/topmenu5


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