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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Pods and Their Eternal Magic

One of the rarest coffees in the world, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee pods are sent straight from coffee heaven to help us enjoy their mystical and enchanting properties. Being the most famous coffee in the Caribbean region, this wonderful coffee is cherished by the local people for its simple and down to earth taste. Due to ravages of consistent hurricanes on the environment and ecology of plants, you may find it very difficult to find this rare coffee pods as extensively as it should have been. It is on records that the first governor of Jamaica was the person who was responsible for this lovely coffee pod.

The Blue Mountain is one of the most fertile regions in the whole of Caribbean islands and it is pretty well suited for coffee growing. However in the middle years of 1940's, the local government decided to revive coffee cultivation and thus started a quest with this special coffee. Soon, the world started taking notice of this lovely coffee pod variety well known for its simple but effective taste. Though this coffee is a good variety, it is hard to tell which is original and which is not! This coffee is very rare and thus it fetches a premium price in the international market. At the current trend, you may have to shell out as high as fifty dollars a pound. If you wish to buy this special blend, you may need to look over internet or special coffee shops.

So, for light and sweet tasting heavenly tropical coffee beans one must look at Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee pods are also liked for their hard flavor when mixed with other type of blends. Nothing could be more enticing and exciting than a cup of coffee brew prepared from Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee pods, that are roasted light over low heat.

Low heat roasting retains the taste and fragrance principles of the coffee pod; more often this light roasting is the main reason for the fresh taste of this wonderful coffee. If you travel over to any one of those wonderful Caribbean islands, make it a point to visit one of those superb coffee shops to taste a wonderful cup of this coffee at its own home land. It sure fills you with the feeling of having to come back home for it again. Though such coffee pods are welcomed by health conscious people, many coffee enthusiasts still do not agree to this new concept. They are unison in saying that you need to taste the original coffee flavor by using naturally occurring coffee beans to believe it. However, decaffeinated coffee pods may herald a new era of biotechnological innovations that may pave way for a new revolution.

Welcome to the world of decaffeinated coffee pods that is all set to promote caffeine free coffee world!.

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