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As winter draws near, your thoughts might turn to comfort foods to warm you. Whether you just open cans, or start from scratch, soup is a wonderful start to any meal. Tomato soup is the chilly day comfort food that's also good for you. Two you can try are, Progresso's Hearty Tomato or Wolfgang Puck's Country Tomato with basil. They both have a fresh homemade and well-seasoned taste. Or you can make your own with an immersion blender.

This hand-help appliance lets you puree vegetables and beans right in the pot. Immersion blenders have different speeds, and some come with mini-chopper attachments for cutting up the vegetables before cooking. When there's no time to make soup from scratch, you can try fresh varieties sold in the grocery store refrigerated section. These are new, packaged in pouches or jars and are good for about two months in the fridge. After they are opened, you have to eat them within 10 days.

Refrigerated soups are costlier than canned, but are closer to homemade. You will have many choices including organic soups from Moosewood. (from the restaurant and cookbook company). They are low-fat and cholesterol and are a hearty meal for two. Enjoy soup everyday all winter long! VISIT THE BEST CASINOS ONLINE Huge Jackpots! http://www.

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By: Phyllis Wasserman


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