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The New Tuna in Town TrollCaught Albacore

Wondering about the healthful qualities of tuna? One canned tuna has it all: high omega-3 content and succulent flavor. It's time to check out Pacific troll-caught albacore tuna. Here are the facts: Why is Troll-Caught Albacore Different? Unique Population.

Troll-caught albacore are smaller, younger, and richer in flavor than the older albacore harvested in the tropical waters of the Pacific. Troll-caught albacore come exclusively from cold Pacific waters. These differences in environment and age result in differences in composition.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch calls the troll-caught albacore fishery healthy and sustainable. Rich in Omega-3s These are the essential fatty acids, unique to seafood, that boost heart health, reduce the chance of sudden cardiac mortality, improve blood fat levels, are essential for infant brain and neural development, and are linked to improvements in several inflammatory and immune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Because troll-caught albacore are rich in fat, they contain more omega-3s than any other canned tuna. Fresh troll-caught albacore offer 2-3 times more heart-healthy omega-3s than most other fatty fish. Two servings of fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids is recommended by the American Heart Association (AMA).

Common Albacore vs. Troll-Caught Albacore Common canned albacore or "white meat" tuna, the kind found on supermarket shelves, comes from tropical Pacific waters. During processing, nearly all the fat is lost. Common canned albacore is almost fat-free, but has very little omega-3 fatty acids. In contrast, Pacific troll-caught albacore are younger fish from colder, northern waters. Troll-caught albacore are handled to retain their fat with all its healthful omega-3s.

That's why troll-caught albacore tastes juicy and rich and has all the health benefits of these special omega-3 fatty acids. The question arises about the standard light/white meat tuna we find on out grocery store shelves? Light meat tuna comes from different species of tuna, usually skipjack or yellowfin tuna. But no distinction among species appears on the labels of canned light meat tuna. The flesh color is usually slightly darker than albacore. These fish, like tropical albacore, come from warm waters and are rich in protein, but have less fat and omega-3 fatty acids than troll-caught albacore.

Where to Find Troll-Caught Albacore These delicious fish are available fresh in the Pacific Northwest during the harvest season, July through September. Some frozen troll-caught albacore can be found in food markets. Canned gourmet-style troll-caught albacore is available from specialty markets and at some farmers' markets. Today, troll-caught albacore tune can be purchased online from specialty packers and food stores. It can be identified by the nutrition label with "3 grams fat/serving" in contrast to the usual "1 gram" of fat.

Chef Steven Stallard was professionally trained at the CIA, Greenbrier Hotel & Tailevent Restaurant of Paris. He spent nearly 20 years advancing his vision of truly American Cuisine based on naturally sourced ingredients. Chef Steve in President and owner of BLiS, Llc, - Handcrafted Gourmet and Natural Food products. BLiS products including Troll - Caught Albacore Tuna are now available through the company's web site http://www.BLiSgourmet.com


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