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The Ulimate Great Outdoor BBQs

When we think of great outdoor bbqs we think of a social function where we have friends and family gather. It's not just about the sizzling sausages, or the burgers and the fish dishes or side dishes that compliment our grilled food. Like heck it's not. It's all the above and lots more. Planning and some fore thought before the great outdoor bbqs will ensure that it will be successful. Why is it that we try so hard to create the great outdoor bbqs so much? Has it to do with the winter weather and the fact that for most of the time we are stuck inside! It really does feel great to once again get out into the garden and enjoy the outdoors.

And don't forget when eating outside adds that something unique to the evening. Why does food taste better when cooked outside on the barbeque? Well I think we all agree it does taste better cooked under the grill. We are all more adventurous when trying new and different food or dishes when it comes to the great outdoor bbqs. Diets are generally put aside and forgotten for the day. We add the meat then pile up our plate full of salad. Why is this? It's not through being guilty, more likely the food is colorful and enticing.

I guess it's the way the light from the sun brings out the colors that make the food appetizing. When you grill those infamous burgers of yours don't forget those burger buns. Please make sure the burger buns are fresh, we should also consider some fresh, crusty bread.

The French stick is an all time favorite at great outdoor bbqs. Wrap it in a cloth and placed in the middle of the bbq table on a long dish. And place some butter on the table, covered of course. We certainly don't want any uninvited guests, bugs and flies at our great outdoor bbqs. A day before our great outdoor bbqs we should be thinking about a quick and easy recipe and the homemade potato salad comes to mind.

The potato salad can be placed on the table chilled from the fridge. Prepare the potato salad the night before by cutting new potatoes into quarters (cooked), next add some mayonnaise and chopped chives. Just remember that freeze dried chives are stronger in flavor than fresh chives.

At any great outdoor bbqs, providing or adding accompaniments isn't all that difficult. Some thought and preparation before hand goes along way. You will be remembered and envied.

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