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Using an Espresso Machine to Make the Perfect Espresso

If you are like so many other people in the world, you need to have that great cup of caffeine, first thing in the morning, to get on with your day. However, in this busy world, with everyone moving so quickly, people are turning away from regular coffee and looking to Espresso for help in starting their day. Regular Coffee vs. Espresso Coffee Espresso coffee differs in many different ways from regular coffee. For example, with espresso it is created using an espresso machine. Furthermore, the espresso is generally fresher when it comes to taste than its regular counterpart.

The freshness comes from using the finest beans and longer roasting times. Regular coffee does not roast as long, leaving the rich coffee oils to stay confined. However, regular coffee does carry more caffeine than espresso coffee, even though the latter carries a better, richer taste. Less caffeine comes from the fact that because hot water flows very quickly into the coffee grounds, it does not gather all of the caffeine out of the grounds. The popularity of espresso coffee comes from its thicker texture.

The thicker texture and creamy, smooth topping leads people to opt for espresso over regular coffee. To get their caffeine fix quickly, many people would rather have two shots of espresso than one cup of regular coffee. Shots are how espressos are measured. If you are a cappuccino or latte fan, espresso machines can be used for those as well, giving you more choices over regular coffee. The begin making espresso; you will need to have an espresso machine. Espresso just offers more variety of regular coffee, not to mention less caffeine, richer flavor, and creamy texture, which makes it very popular.

Making the Perfect Espresso If you just love the espresso, you find at the cafe in your area, you may be surprised to find that you can make the same, right at home. The secret to this is how the beans are ground and the espresso machine you own. If you are looking for the perfect grind, we suggest an Electric Burr grinder. When making espresso, the first thing that the hot water comes in contact with is the filter and its holder. If you want the perfect espresso, it is necessary to keep the drink warm.

Some manufacturers have developed filter holders specifically designed to hold heat, keeping the drink warm with every brew. Another key factor in taste is the water you are using. It is suggested that you always filter your water. You can test your water by pouring it into a cup, fresh out of the espresso machine, and allow it to cool. Once is has cooled enough, taste the water to determine if it is still fresh.

The beans you use also determine if you will have the best espresso coffee or not. You will want to make sure the bean is perfectly ground, not too find, not too dark, and not too oily. You will want beans that are blended perfectly. We suggest beans that are consistent in texture, gritty, and fine. In conclusion, if you have taken the above tips to heart, you will have made the perfect espresso.

If it results in a smooth, thick, sweet, reddish-brown creamy top, you have succeeded. Remember though, it may take a lot of practice and a whole lot of patient to make that perfect cup of espresso. Summary: If you, like many others, have found that regular coffee just is not doing it for you, consider espresso coffee.

You can create the perfect espresso right at home, all you need to start with is the right espresso machine.

Brooke Hayles
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