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The word Brandy comes from the Dutch word brandewijn, ("burnt wine"). This is how Dutch traders, who introduced it to Northern Europe from Southern France and Spain in the 16th century, described wine that had been "burnt," or boiled, in order to distill it. Legend has it that brandy was first produced when an enterprising sea captain distilled wine in order to save space on his ship. He planned to reconstitute it with water when he arrived at his home port, but those who sampled the new concoction liked it just the way it was. learn more

Tuborg Which food with which beer?

First decide whether the beer should contrast or complement the flavor of a dish. With some exceptions, a beer with a stronger flavor is a better match for stronger-tasting food. It's important to remember that some beers are made to be consumed on their own. A light, thirst-quencher may lack the personality to contribute to a meal, while heavier winter ales may seem unpalatably sweet with anything more complex than nuts or salty snacks. leran more


Whether you're looking for a bottle to enjoy with dinner tonight, or want to present the wine aficionado in your life with a great vintage, we offer a look at some of the world's key wine regions, the different types of wine, pairing wine with food, and a handy wine terminology guide. Cheers!

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