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all about VODKA,  the "Water of Life"


Vodka, a clear spirit, was first documented in the 14th century, when it was initially called "zhizennia voda," meaning the "water of life." This was eventually shrunk to "vodka," which translates as either "water," "small water," or "dear little water" or "little stream" depending on the translation.

Like many spirits, vodka was originally a local spirit made from whatever surplus grain or starch-based material was available. Legend has it that vodka was originally made with potatoes, but it is now produced almost entirely from the cheapest grain available. The top brands use only grain (usually barley and wheat or rye). Some Polish vodkas make a point of the fact that they are made from potatoes.

Vodka is one of the easiest spirits to make. Grain mash is fermented and then distilled in a column still. The distillate is then filtered in either charcoal or quartz crystals, and the product is then reduced to bottle strength with distilled water.

vodka NOTES

Vodka as a category has been growing in North America at a tremendous rate. The recent surge in popularity of Vodka Martinis and the general Martini revival , coupled with Vodka Manufacturers offering numerous flavor choices has driven this growth.

For many Vodka is popular served "neat". The key to serving vodka "neat" (straight up) is ensuring the vodka is ice cold.

The high alcohol content of vodka allows you to store vodka in a freezer.

Vodka in general is the perfect mixer, and therein lies its appeal. What is less well known is that vodka as a neutral spirit can be used in cooking. Only the smallest amount is needed in order to enhance and bring out flavors in things like soups or cooked vegetables.